Residential Users

Virus Removal & Internet Security

Broadband & Wireless

E-mail Accounts

System Upgrade & Migration

Data Backup & Restoration

PC & Mac Repairs

Mobile Networking


  • Virus Removal and Internet Security

    We offer virus/malware detection and removal services should your PC become the victim of a virus, spyware, adware or trojan horse and also repair the damage caused by these rogue programs. If you are concerned about internet security, we can offer advice and install recommended anti-malware software to help protect your PC against future attacks.

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  • Broadband and Wireless

    Wireless networks allow multiple computers and games consoles to share a single internet connection and printer. Your data can also be accessed remotely and shared between PC's on the network. We are able to supply and fit a wireless network tailored to your individual needs or simply repair and support an existing network.

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  • E-mail Accounts

    Do you need help setting up an email account? Are you having trouble sending or receiving emails? Do you need to retrieve old emails? We are available to troubleshoot and resolve your email problems, set up existing or additional accounts or simply give advice on how best to access your emails according to your requirements.

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  • System Upgrade and Migration

    Is your PC running slowly or is your hard drive running out of storage space? Sometimes it can be more cost effective to update your existing machine rather than buy a new one in order to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files and music. We will gladly advise you on upgrade solutions for your P.C. and can supply and fit the relevant components or install your own parts, although we can only guarantee parts supplied by us.

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  • Data Backup and Restoration

    How often do you back-up the data on your PC? If your computer was damaged or stolen, would you lose invaluable data? We can offer advice on how best to store your documents, photos & music files. However, should the worst have already happened, we will endeavour to restore your lost items and we can then advise you on how best to implement a back-up procedure to protect you from future data loss.

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  • PC & Mac Repairs

    Is your computer running slowly, displaying a blank screen, error or pop-up messages? Do you have faulty hardware or corrupt software? Have you broken your laptop screen or DC power socket? We offer fast, efficient, affordable repairs either on site(where possible)or in our workshop in order to effectively resolve your PC problems and return your computer or laptop to optimal health.

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  • Mobile Networking

    Mobile computing has become an invaluable resource, aided by the rapid evolution of smart phones, tablets and cloud computing. We can configure your devices to connect to the internet, set up your email account, web conferencing and other networking features.

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  • Teamviewer

    TeamViewer is a highly secure remote maintenance solution. In addition to an individual ID, TeamViewer also generates a random password that changes with every session and is fully encrypted to provide additional security against unauthorized access to your system.

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